Testing & Inspection

The opeations we are qualified to do:

  • Ultrasonic inspections
  • Ultrasonic wall thickness measurement
  • Ultrasonic testing for internal discontinuities
  • Liquid dye penetrant inspections
  • Magnetic-particle inspections
  • Control of protective covers
  • Pressure, tightness and functional tests
  • Visual control
  • Videoscope inspection
  • Crack depth measurement
  • with our partners we can provide Radiographic control, mechanical properties testing and chemical composition analysis of base material

Inspections are done in accordance with European and other recognised standards. Our staff is internationally certified in accordance with
ISO 9712 and ASNT.

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On behalf of our clients we are monitoring and inspecting industrial equipment as an independent organization. We ensure that all aspects of the manufacturing process fully meet the client’s requirements in compliance with the technical requisition and with applicable standards according to quality plans or inspection/test plans.

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After completing the works, we provide the customer with a control/inspection report.